Mimic Panels (process control) and Monitoring

These electrical panels with production line design on a page (design on the glossy pages and laminate and/or pages of PVC with different shapes) and install on appropriate panels along with indication lights and chassis control and installation various meters in industry and allows the operator full control over the production line. By monitoring the entire process of production, we can easily see the instructions on the screen and different alarms and messages can have completed mastery over the production line. These panels are made in both the piano and stand characteristics (depending on application and installation location) that their characteristics are given in the table below.
No Title Description
1 Dimension (Stand) Height H = 1500-2200 mm
Width W = 500-900 mm
Depth D = 490-890 mm
Dimension (piano) Height H = 900-1500 mm
Width W = 400-2000 mm
Depth D = 400-1000 mm
2 Color RAL 7032
3 Protection Degree IP 30-54
4 Standard IEC 432
5 Rated (Named) Voltage 12-400 V AC/DC
6 Rated (Named) Ampere Up to 40 A
7 Short-Circuit Current 80 kA, 1s


Frequency 50 Hz