Manufacturing Special and Custom Equipment

Based on the achieved experience in designing and manufacturing equipments in the different industries, Tablokar is ready to assist you in design and manufacture of special equipment. Below is a list of some of our produced products:

  1. Industrial pedal potentiometer coated with two separate commands, to control all types of industrial machinery (speed control)
  2. Manufacturing all types of cases from steel sheet
  3. Manufacturing winding machines
  4. Manufacturing industrial electric furnaces
  5. Manufacturing testing equipment for electrical and mechanical system of heater of vehicle (Peugeot 405, Peugeot Persia and Samand)
  6. Manufacturing impact testing machine for polyethylene pipes
  7. Manufacturing pressure testing machine for polyethylene pipes
  8. Manufacturing leak test machine for manufactured components
  9. Manufacturing sheet roll opener
  10. Manufacturing car fuel injector tester
  11. Manufacturing cake and biscuit packaging machine