Low Voltage Distribution Panels Slide(MCC)

This types of panels with regard to the development of many industries, is applied in all areas, including oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, cement, mining and textile refers. The structure of these panels is designed in which each cell is composed of modules in height. Technical specification of this panel is as follows.
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1 Dimension Height H = 2200-2400 mm
Width W = 600-1000 mm
Depth D = 600-1000 mm
2 Color RAL 7032
3 Protection Degree IP 41-42
4 Standard IEC 439
5 Rated (Named) Voltage 0.4 kV
6 Rated (Named) Ampere Main Switch Up to 5000 A
Vertical Feeders Up to 1000 A
7 Short-Circuit Current 80 kA, 1s


Frequency 50 Hz