Low Voltage Distribution Fixed Panels

These types of panels are widely used in all fields of industries such as regional power, electric power distribution companies, oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, cement, electricity and others. These panels equipment includes automatic air switches, compact, simple and interruptible load fuse keys, rotary selector switches, circuit breakers and measurement equipment which will manufacture and assemble based on needs and requirements. The panels are frequently used in the distribution networks of public and private subscribers. Technical specifications of these panels are abbreviated according to the following table of contents.
No Title Description
1 Dimension Height H = 1500-2200 mm
Width W = 500-900 mm
Depth D = 490-890 mm
2 Color RAL 7032
3 Protection Degree IP 30-54
4 Standard IEC 439
5 Rated (Named) Voltage 0.4 kV
6 Rated (Named) Ampere 0.4 kV
7 Short-Circuit Current 80 kA, 1s


Frequency 50 Hz