Change Over Panels

Change over electrical panels provide possibility of relocating network with generator, network with network or generator with generator manually or automatically, equipment of these panels includes automatic switches, contactors with appropriate power and control change over panels with control network connectivity, also, relays and constitutions and other devices to control and protection diesel generator. A technical specification of this panel is as following table.
No Title Description
1 Dimension Height H = 1500-2200 mm
Width W = 500-900 mm
Depth D = 490-890 mm
2 Color RAL 7032
3 Protection Degree IP 30-54
4 Standard IEC 432
5 Rated (Named) Voltage Up to 0.4 kV
6 Rated (Named) Ampere Up to 6000 A
7 Short-Circuit Current 80 kA, 1s


Frequency 50 Hz